EL Lago is a brand new restaurant open on 17th August 2020 located in Kintamani – Bali, well known for Japanese food restaurant with spectacular views from volcano and also the one and only can enjoy sushi at Kintamani area while taking picture of stunning mountain views and feel the cool breeze too.

Our Team

The teams at El Lago :

  • Bar Team
  • Server Team
  • Kitchen Team
  • Doorman Team


I Putu Ferdy Pradana

Ferdy is a manager at El Lago Bali. 25 years old and He’s originally from Kintamani.
Start career from on the job training at Samaya Seminyak and then continue working there for 3 years and then move working at Sari Mountain View Restaurant Kintamani and given trust to be a supervisor.
In 2020, the owner of El Lago Bali gives confidence to him to become a
manager at El Lago Bali.

Head Chef

I Putu Darmika Setiawan (Putu Malent)

Putu is the head chef of El Lago Bali. El Lago Bali serves the food peoples
in Bali start to love to eat, Sushi.
Originally from Kintamani, he’s worked for a number of years at Konomi
Sushi and Japanese Steak House in United States of America (USA).
In 2020, he’s asked to lead the kitchen team at El Lago Bali and accepted
as the head chef position.

El Lago Garden

El Lago Bali has its own garden with various kinds of vegetables and
flowers that are needed for kitchen needs as vegetable, garnishes.
Vegetable in El Lago Garden including Radish, lettuce, carrot, mustard
greens, and for flower plants there are talang flower, nasturtium flowers, begonias and all kinds of edible flowers. Besides garnishes and vegetables, at El Lago Garden also have herb plants such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, tarragon, mint leaves, turmeric, ginger, and 11 kinds of other herbs